**These FAQs are meant to be a general guideline and will apply in most cases. There will be exceptions made on an individual basis depending on your current situation.**

If your question wasn't answered here or you just want to make a comment/ check in on us, email us using the contact form above or send us an email directly at and we will respond as soon as we can. Please keep in mind that we are a team of two, so we may not see an email immediately. We encourage a follow up email if there is no response from us within 4 days.


All the designs are original ideas by us. The majority of our designs are made by us, but we do have a few items that were commissioned from an artist on Instagram or made in collaboration with someone. Each product page will have additional information regarding commissions, collabs, general info, etc.

Most of our photos on our product pages are taken from individuals on Instagram. We send items out to people in exchange for a nice photo to use on our website. The pictures we post on social media are a mix between photos from others as well as our own. We are happy to let you know the origins of a particular image if you are curious

If an item is sold out but remains on our website, we have plans to restock it. The only exceptions are if it is on clearance or the graveyard.

If an item is on clearance, it won't be restocked in its current form. We may bring the design back as another item or rework it.

If an item is in the graveyard, there is a chance for it to be brought back from the dead depending on how many votes it gets in a fair time frame.

We most likely don't have an exact date for an item being restocked and sometimes an item won't be restocked for a long time. We will try our best to update the product page of any sold out item with a general time frame, but it may not be accurate due to shipment delays.

The best way to keep track of all the votes for an item as well as prevent spam is to have you signed in to an account.


If possible, please provide an order number with your inquiry.

Since we are a U.S. based company, the cost of shipping will be significantly higher than domestic orders. We have no control over the cost of shipping.

Before an item gets delivered, you will most likely have an additional customs fee. We are not responsible for the cost of shipping or any additional fees.

You can check the cost of shipping at checkout after entering your address.

Please double check your spam folder that any of our emails didn't accidentally fall into it.

If you have a pre-order item, you will not receive anything past your order confirmation email until the item is being shipped out.

We can always send you a link to the order status page and or the tracking info

If your order doesn't contain a pre-order item, we generally ship out orders within 48 hours. We don't send out orders on the weekend unless you reach out with a special request. You should also take into consideration the actual time to ship, which will depend on the type of shipping you've selected at checkout.

We will send you a return label to print out and tape to the outside of any applicable packaging. If you still have the original packaging we sent the item in and it isn't too damaged, you can use that to repack the item. Please use an appropriate amount of tape to cover any damage. After re-packing your order, please drop it off at your local post office or UPS office.

Once we receive the return, we will refund you the cost and or ship out the correct item(s).

We do not accept returns after 30 days.

We will file a claim on your order. Once the claim goes through, we will send out a replacement package. Please do not file a claim on your own.

The claim information is a lot easier to access if we file it rather than you. So if you have filed a claim for your order, we will still be able to move forward with it, but it may take longer to process.

Please contact the shipping company before reaching out to us to resolve the issue.

If you entered the wrong address, you will be responsible for 70% of the shipping cost.

If you entered the correct address, we will contact the shipping company to initiate an investigation. When we receive confirmation of a shipping error, we will send out a replacement at no cost to you.

Any order outside the U.S. will be responsible for 100% of the shipping cost.

If you received a small item (pin, sticker, socks, etc.) you can keep it and we will send you the correct order.

If you received a big item, we will send you a return label to print out and tape on any applicable packaging. Once we get confirmation from the tracking that the item is on its way, we will send out the correct item.